and Tutu too.

and Tutu too.
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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The In-the-round Dollhouse

After a six-month hiatus from all things dollhouse due to settling into our new apartment in Miami Beach, I'm back in the game.   I just completed a dollhouse rehab for a client, who had picked up this unusual dollhouse and wanted to use it for her feng shui workshops.  It is a two-story round dollhouse that is open, with a handle on the top to turn it around.   Emma the cat checks it out.

In process:

Another company, Eagle, put out a similar type round dollhouse in the 1950s-60s which was made of tin.  This particular one is made out of particle board and plastic.  There is a label on it but unfortunately part of it is torn away so I can't make out the name of the dollhouse or the manufacturer, only that it was made in Seattle.  Any guesses?

The client wanted a neutral palette.  She had several bags of plastic Renwal 1:16 furniture to go along with the house, so I did my best to come up with wall and floor coverings that would work with the furniture colors.   The downstairs has a foyer/entryway, kitchen, and living room:

I tiled the floor in the entryway.  The staircase was set in there solidly so I did a white swirl paint on the walls and added a tile surround to the doorways to pull in the colors from the floor for a true neutral pallette.  I added frames to all the doors throughout the dollhouse.

I put in a popsicle stick floor for the living room over what was threadbare red 'carpet'.  I left the wall color as is, as it was a nice beige color and in good shape.

The kitchen furniture was an off-white color, so I put in a new floor, beige wall coverings and a few coffee stirrer sticks for a border.

The second floor houses a master bedroom, child's bedroom, bathroom and bonus room.  The bathroom was the most fun.  It was originally this, the second floor room with the red floor and the two pieces of red painted wood attached to the wall:

Now it is this:

Painted it a silver color, added a wainscotting effect to the bottom part of the wall with paint and sticks, framed the doorway, used mini cupcake holders for the scallop above the door with a Miami Beach shell in the middle:

I added this new removable flooring but also painted the floor beneath it white for a more muted look as desired.

In these last two pics above you can see into the second floor hallway that adjoins the rooms.  I left the red carpet intact but re-papered the walls and framed the doors.

The master bedroom.   The furniture to go with this is beige and dark brown.  The original walls were green and in good shape, so I decided to leave them, and added this cool flooring which matched the furniture and walls, and framed the doorways.

The children's room has lots of blue and pink plastic furniture, and originally had blue walls, but I decided to go with a more neutral palette with this very sweet dollhouse wallpaper with a border I had purchased a few years ago, and a new floor - it originally had threadbare dark blue 'carpet' underneath.

One of the challenges with this dollhouse rehab was the flimsiness of the original materials.  The top floor rooms were all out of their 'grooves' in the ceiling and I couldn't quite get the joins together in the rehab.  There was a very real danger of destroying the dollhouse trying to fix it, so I was more conservative in fixing it than I would be with one of my own dollhouses..  You can see it the most in this room where the right wall meets the center wall, but once you have the furniture in it should not be obvious.

 There is a bonus room on the second floor which could be used as a sitting room, another bedroom, a meditation room, etc.  I covered it with this lovely blue textured wallpaper and a flooring made from vinyl shelf covering that matched the wallpaper perfectly.

You can also see above the room the new terrace/deck I created with cork 'flooring' and a picket fence.

A few last views:

This was a lot of fun to work on, and I hope it helps out the client with her workshops!  Now back to the Key West dollhouse.

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