and Tutu too.

and Tutu too.
2nd Floor of my ballet studio townhouse.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Completed! The Key West dollhouse (Hofco Americana circa 1983)

This was a massive undertaking, off and on for two years, but the Hofco Americana dollhouse is now complete and up for sale on Ebay:

I really wish I could keep this one but we just don't have the room.  I know it will go to someone who will love and cherish it and appreciate the rarity of it.

Here's some pics:

Pics of the interior rooms (3 floors):

Living room, black and white music theme:

Dining Room, kitchy style:

Retro kitchen.  As my husband says, every kitchen should have a gumball machine in it:

2nd floor.
The Lavender Room, a must have in real life and dollhouse land:

2nd floor hallway, which has a desk, seating area and french doors leading out to second floor wraparound porch:

Another bedroom - for the spiritually inclined:

Third bedroom - love the colors and the Britto wall hanging for a pop!:

Top floor:  nursery and bathroom:

without furniture and without the floor templates:

With the floor templates (removable):

What it looked like when I purchased it:

I've dated this model as far back as 1983 so far:

If you look at the right hand corner of my cover page here and search for Key West dollhouse and Hofco Americana you can see lots of pics of my process in creating this beauty.  Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!